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Please mail me if there are other USEFUL computer virus related links/sites! - Thanks!

You may send me any infected files/virus samples for identification / analysis. - Uuencoded and PGP-encrypted mail prefered.

Anti-Virus Developers List

New Rob Slade's AntiVirus Vendors List in HTML format
and his Antiviral Software Evaluation FAQ

Marktübersicht AV-Programme (Germany)

A Web Page for various AntiVirus stuff, Encryption, Privacy, Military, Intelligence, Government & Law Enforcement: Virus Info

ICARO: AV links
(BTW: CARO suggests the virus names for common international usage...) The C.A.R.O. Standard

Computer Viruses?

Alwil: AVAST! 7.70 with LGUARD.VPS 7.70-12 / Avast32 2.0 with LGW 7.70-12 (Win95)

Mark West: Antivirus Resources, Antivirus Software

VirusBulletin: Anti-Virus Web sites

F-PROT-related WWW Pages

Data Fellows Virus Information Centre

AVP 3.00 (129) or FTP from its Polish Distributor
The US AVP Distributor: Central Command

F-Prot 3.04a: Data Fellows or Frisk

Computer Virus Descriptions from F-PROT Professional by Data Fellows

Symantec: AntiVirus Research Center

Dr Solomon: AntiVirus Toolkit 7.89

Visit ThunderBYTE: TBAV 8.08 or get the newest versions TBAV 8.08 directly.

"Network Associates": McAfee's Scan 2.5.5 and 3.19 and its Virus Database

Stiller Research: Integrity Master 4.01a

VDS Home Page: VDS 3.1i / 4.0 (Win95) and Perforin for WinWord

Sophos PLC Home Page: Sweep 4.01b / 3.06 (Win95)

LOOK's Virus Alert 4.10

CIAC: MS-DOS Anti-virus Tools

InVircible 7.01g: Vine Computer Industry / NetZ Computing

Cheyenne: Inoculan AntiVirus

Jumbo! - Home and Personal: DOS Anti-virus programs

Virus Bulletin Home Page
Download VGrep 1998/09 of The VGrep Project, a Virus Name Cross Reference


Study: Virus Effects on Comp. Community

Virus Tutorial in Win Help Format

G. Wenzels Web Page

D. Muth's Web Page

David Hull's AV Page with Virus Screen Shots

R.E.C.I.F & G. Mannig

K. Marcus' Web Page and OKRA

W. Riddle's Web Page

Rosenthal Engineering

Virus Test Center at Uni Hamburg

Scanner for Windows/Word Macro viruses: F/Win 4.41 (e:Engl. g:German)
or the Win95 proggy F/WIN32 1.60

Eddy Willems Free Anti-Virus Consultancy

SingNet - AntiVirus Knowledge

EliaShim Antivirus & Security

Henri Delger's VirusHelp

Cybec: VET 9.54

Datawatch: Virex 5.8 (Mac) -> now available from Dr. Solomon

The Biggest AV Free/Shareware Collection at Stuba or have a look at its Index. You may try its Mirror in Berlin/Germany.

Virus Protection System (VPS) !!! NOT working link !!!

Anti-Virus and Security Product Showcase


Mike Lambert's Virus Information Page

Security - Virus & PGP

The Crossroad

Visit Robert Slade at Freenet in Victoria, Ca. - enter "go virus"
or visit his Web Page

Computer Virus Myths

Trend: PC-Cillin 3.0 (no Shareware/Evaluation Version --> Have a look at STUBA)
now from TouchStone

Symantec: AntiVirus Research Center

Seven Locks: AV Papers and

Richard John Martin's MACRO VIRUSES FAQ

Here you can find nearly every AntiVirus evaluation/shareware prog: FTP Mirror of STUBA in Berlin/Germany - Read the Index file!

Here you can find a lot of AntiVirus evaluation/shareware progs: J. Hartmann's AV Site

Get the latest Computer Virus FAQ of alt.comp.virus

Safetynet Inc.

AV Product Reviews

Links to the most AV Sites

Get Virus Databases via FTP:
Look for catalog, carobase, viruses.

Get V. Bontchev's paper on maintaining a Virus Library

other/more Infos

"Virus Lab 1.5" (Prog.)

EMD Enterprises: EMD Armor

NH&A: PC & Net AV & Secur.

Virus Text Search

Computer Virus Information and Resources Page


Infos Top 10

Computer Virus Information Master Index

Dr. Solomon's Virus History

Nick Ferri's System Boot Areas Antivirus 3.1

Nic Ferri's Links

Tom Simondi's AntiVirus Tutorial VTUTOR20.ZIP

AV Software Update Notifics

Get Virus Demos: VIRSIM1.ZIP

Get R. Martin's Macro Virus FAQ

D.J. Loundy's E-Law Paper

Get the new and OLDER versions of AV Software directly by FTP: Dos and Win95

There are some great Computer Virus related News Groups in the Net.

Please, read the FAQ first - especially before you post to the Group!





Look in your next SIMTEL mirror for: /msdos/virus/ - Check Mate 2.20, a memory checker for active viruses - an addition to your virus scanners, or get it directly from Check Mate's HomePage

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